Apaxio® is a state of the art people and culture case management system. It is a unique and powerful digital platform which underpins your organization's transition to purpose driven, values based and person centred human resources (HR) and employee relations (ER).


Progressive organizations require an effective HR case management system which delivers robust audit trails, a rigorous structure and access to powerful data and evidence to support the continual process of cultural transformation. That is where Apaxio® comes in. We have left no stone unturned as we aligned Apaxio® to the needs of the modern people and culture team.

A-pax-io –> Pax= peace

With a focus on resolution, compassion, dialogue, coaching, engagement, insight, learning and understanding - Apaxio® will help you to to create a happier, healthier, more harmonious and higher performing workplace.

Enhancing employee experience.

Apaxio® is a unique digital platform which adds value along your entire employee lifecycle. It supports the following 6 areas:

  1. Diagnostics including 5D Reviews, cultural audits, team climate health checks, cost of conflict assessments and people experience surveys.
  2. Integrating a Transformational Culture (as explained in David Liddle’s best selling book)
  3. Developing a world class employee value proposition (EVP).
  4. Job design, recruitment and onboarding.
  5. Developing a modern employee handbook.
  6. Integrating a Resolution Framework™


The future of HR case management has arrived.

The modern people and culture function is putting people before policy and they are putting the human back into human resources. To do this, the P&C function is acting as an enabler, a facilitator and a culture catalyst.

To achieve it’s full potential as one of the most strategically important functions in our organizations, people leaders, people and culture teams and people professionals are working collaboratively with a diverse array of stakeholders to engender a positive workplace culture – a transformational culture. That’s why more and more organizations are using Apaxio® to support the transition from transactional HR to transformational people and culture.

Apaxio® is a game changer.

The brainchild of David Liddle, a recognised global people and culture leader, Apaxio® has taken over ten years to develop.

We have scoured the marketplace and we can see an abundance of digital platforms offering a variety of support for HR teams. However, it all feels very traditional and safe. We haven’t seen anything like Apaxio®. With a focus on purpose, values & people; and underpinned by a powerful HR and ER case management system, we believe that Apaxio® will deliver lasting transformational change.

Apaxio is the culmination of many years of hard work. It has been designed to underpin a modern people and culture function by offering access to a state of the art HR case management system supported by a wide array of practical toolkits, templates, diagnostics, learning content and other useful resources.



Please contact us today to learn out more about how Apaxio® could turbocharge your people and culture team (and your entire organization).